AudioUnit v3 host

I can’t seem to find info on this, but does JUCE support hosting AUv3 plugins?

Yes we do - check out the AUv3Synth example in JUCE/examples for a demo!


It’s clear that you can make AUv3 plugins with JUCE, but I think @adamski is talking about hosting them, i.e. whether code based off the plugin host example can load AUv3 plugins or not.

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Yes you can. The audio plugin host will happily load it for example. You can even build the Plugin host on iOS and load a AUv3 there


Resurrecting an old thread…

I’ve managed to build and run the Plugin Host on iOS but how do I actually load a plugin in it? Nothing seems to bring up the menu.

Yes we really need to create a mobile version of the plug-in host.

In any case, I think if you rotate your iPhone/iPad into landscape or portrait you can see the menu bar of the window. You then create a filter just like you would on desktop.