AudioUnit v3 host


I can’t seem to find info on this, but does JUCE support hosting AUv3 plugins?


Yes we do - check out the AUv3Synth example in JUCE/examples for a demo!



It’s clear that you can make AUv3 plugins with JUCE, but I think @adamski is talking about hosting them, i.e. whether code based off the plugin host example can load AUv3 plugins or not.


Yes you can. The audio plugin host will happily load it for example. You can even build the Plugin host on iOS and load a AUv3 there


Resurrecting an old thread…

I’ve managed to build and run the Plugin Host on iOS but how do I actually load a plugin in it? Nothing seems to bring up the menu.


Yes we really need to create a mobile version of the plug-in host.

In any case, I think if you rotate your iPhone/iPad into landscape or portrait you can see the menu bar of the window. You then create a filter just like you would on desktop.