FR: commentSelection and unCommentSelection for CodeEditorComponent

It would be very nice to have a Keyboard Shortcut for commenting the selected lines in the CodeEditorComponent. ‘Command+/’ (like in Xcode) to insert or remove two ‘/’ slashes at the front of each selected line. I can probably manage the keypresses from outside the component by becoming an but i wouldn’t be able to undo it.
So pretty please?

I’ll add it to the backlog, but I’m afraid it’s going to be way down the list.

Added something myself, this works for me:

void CodeEditorComponent::commentSelection()
if (! readOnly)

    CodeDocument::Position oldSelectionStart (selectionStart), oldSelectionEnd (selectionEnd), oldCaret (caretPos);
    oldSelectionStart.setPositionMaintained (true);
    oldSelectionEnd.setPositionMaintained (true);
    oldCaret.setPositionMaintained (true);

    const int lineStart = selectionStart.getLineNumber();
    int lineEnd = selectionEnd.getLineNumber();

    if (lineEnd > lineStart && selectionEnd.getIndexInLine() == 0)

    for (int line = lineStart; line <= lineEnd; ++line)
        const String lineText (document.getLine (line));

        if (lineText.trimStart().isNotEmpty())
            const CodeDocument::Position wsStart (document, line, 0);
				const CodeDocument::Position wsEnd (document, line, 2);

				if (lineText.startsWith("//"))
					document.deleteSection(wsStart, wsEnd);
					document.insertText (wsStart, "//");

    selectionStart = oldSelectionStart;
    selectionEnd = oldSelectionEnd;
    caretPos = oldCaret;

Thanks - that’s a decent starting point, but I can immediately see some bugs and edge-cases in that code which we’d need to sort out before it’d be ready for a real release!