CodeEditorComponent and shortcut keys


Hi Jules,
Do you plan to implement shortcut keys for CodeEditorComponent like “command + /” for comments etc.


Haven’t got a list of specific things that I’ll be doing to it, but I certainly want it to evolve into an editor that I can use myself on a daily basis, so I’ll be adding as many features as I can think of.

(TBH I’d never heard of the “command+/” before, but it’s a neat shortcut, so thanks for letting me know! Might be better if it was smart enough to use /* */ when you highlight a subsection of a line though…)


Visual Studio has a shortcut key “control + kc” for commenting code and it is intelligent enough to use both “//” and “/* */”

But Xcode and Eclipse support only “//”.

P.S. : How did your vacation go. I guess it was much needed. :slight_smile:


Very good, thanks - managed to ski for a week without any permanent injuries. Glad to get back to some less physical exercise now though!