[FR] createPluginFilter (bool)

Okay - I’m not sure if y’all would go for this… :slight_smile:

Since my Standalone has to have a different set of Bus properties than my non-standalone version…

In juce_PluginUtilities.cpp

/** Somewhere in the codebase of your plugin, you need to implement this function
    and make it return a new instance of the filter subclass that you're building.
 extern AudioProcessor* JUCE_CALLTYPE createPluginFilter (bool);


 AudioProcessor* JUCE_API JUCE_CALLTYPE createPluginFilterOfType (AudioProcessor::WrapperType type)
    AudioProcessor::setTypeOfNextNewPlugin (type);
    AudioProcessor* const pluginInstance = createPluginFilter (type == AudioProcessor::WrapperType::wrapperType_Standalone);
    AudioProcessor::setTypeOfNextNewPlugin (AudioProcessor::wrapperType_Undefined);

    // your createPluginFilter() method must return an object!
    jassert (pluginInstance != nullptr && pluginInstance->wrapperType == type);

    return pluginInstance;

Then in my processor class have two constructors:

  MyAudioProcessor (bool bStandalone);

and change:

 // This creates new instances of the plugin..
  AudioProcessor* JUCE_CALLTYPE createPluginFilter (bool bStandalone = false)
     if (bStandalone)
         return new CPlayerAudioProcessor (bStandalone);

     return new CPlayerAudioProcessor();

I can now have a separate ctor for Standalone and non-Standalone…

MyAudioProcessor:: MyAudioProcessor (bool bStandalone) : AudioProcessor (BusesProperties().withOutput ("Out", AudioChannelSet::discreteChannels (16), true) )

MyAudioProcessor:: MyAudioProcessor() : AudioProcessor (BusesProperties()                                                                 
                                                             .withOutput ("Out 1-2",   AudioChannelSet::stereo(), true)
                                                             .withOutput ("Out 3-4",   AudioChannelSet::stereo(), false)
                                                             .withOutput ("Out 5-6",   AudioChannelSet::stereo(), false)
                                                             .withOutput ("Out 7-8",   AudioChannelSet::stereo(), false)
                                                             .withOutput ("Out 9-10",  AudioChannelSet::stereo(), false)
                                                             .withOutput ("Out 11-12", AudioChannelSet::stereo(), false)
                                                             .withOutput ("Out 13-14", AudioChannelSet::stereo(), false)
                                                             .withOutput ("Out 15-16", AudioChannelSet::stereo(), false)



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Uhm, can’t you have two different constructors for your MyAudioProcessor and just call the appropriate one inside createPluginFilter() depending on what’s returned by JUCEApplicationBase::isStandaloneApp() ?


Damn… I guess I was overthinking it :slight_smile:

 AudioProcessor* JUCE_CALLTYPE createPluginFilter()
     if (JUCEApplicationBase::isStandaloneApp())
         return new CPlayerAudioProcessor (true);

     return new CPlayerAudioProcessor();

Works fine!