[FR] Option for generating ReadMe.md & TravisCI files when creating a new project

I've narrowed down the secret sauce to build JUCE-based projects in TravisCI, with clang on Linux.

Basically, the only variable I've needed to change up is the path to the Makefile.

Working examples:

  • https://github.com/jrlanglois/drowaudio/blob/master/.travis.yml
  • https://github.com/jrlanglois/jrl_acc/blob/master/.travis.yml

​The reason for creating a README is to get the the boilerplate TravisCI hook pre-setup with just a variable to change.

Working examples:

  • https://github.com/jrlanglois/drowaudio/blob/master/README.md
  • https://github.com/jrlanglois/jrl_acc/blob/master/README.md

Side note: the TravisCI file could certainly be added to JUCE, and tweaked to build the Unit Test Runner with clang on Linux, and GCC I believe.

(This has been completed. See this post: http://www.juce.com/forum/topic/adding-continuous-integration-support-juce-travisci )