Make "-std=c++11" an optional Makefile flag

As it is, the Introjucer forcibly generates a Makefile with the -std=c++11 flag enabled.

I’m trying to get a repository to play nice with TravisCI, but its GCC version is old (and I don’t feel like writing a script to make sure that the VM’s GCC is up to date)… So, I need better control over this flag - to disable it.

Below is a modified version of the Makefile generator that lets me not have this feature enabled.

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Thanks! I'll add something that allows you to do this soon. :)

You can use -std=c++0x which is compatible with gcc4.6 which travis uses.

Cool - will try that out for the meantime, by manually editing the Makefile.

Say, falkTX, would you have an example JUCE based GitHub repository plugged into TravisCI?

I seem to be having technical difficulties wrangling the bloody system, trying to get it to compile my project!

I don't use IntroJucer, I always do my own makefiles or create a project using cmake or premake.

How doesn't it work though?
IntroJucer generates raw makefiles that you can just "make -C /path/to/makefile/dir/".


The problem I'm having isn't the step that calls make on my Makefile, it's every other step involved that TravisCI finds problematic... I can't describe the problem, because I know very, very little about setting this sort of thing up, let alone Linux (which the commits on that yml file certainly reflect).

Here's the file:

My goal is to really do this once, and bring it up as feature request as part of the Introjucer. I can't stand manually configuring the same kind of stuff, over and over again.

Does that help you? :)

Giving the new logic a read; makes sense to me! Cheers!

Can we have a -std=c++0x option please?

Some users are still using Ubuntu 12.04, which has gcc4.6 with only c++0x and not c++11.
This happens to be the system Travis uses too, so for those developers -std=c++11 is not an option.


Yes, I'll do this soon. :)