FR: Please add editable text (TextEditor) column to JUCEDemo example app

It would be helpful i think to have a column in the listbox example tab for JUCEDemo  which :


1)  displayed text as normal when not in edit mode

2) by means of double-clicking or a right-click contextual "rename" menu" option puts a particular cell in that column into EDIT mode - with the cursor changing to I beam.  Usually one only wants a single editable box to appear when a cell is being edited. Not for every cell - as in the combobox example.


( Although actually for the combobox example, even that could benefit from hiding the combo box when a cell is not selected/edited.   This is - for example how a spreadsheet app would behave.   )

3) once a cell has been edited and return key pressed,  or focus removed - the cell should display as a regular text cell. 


4) the cell should be highlighted as per the rest of the row when not in "edit" mode.


i've managed to get SOME of this working but not all - yet

so whether or not I manage to get there in the end,  adding such a feature would save many developers a lot of hassle in the future.

Please see my reply to this thread.