TableListBox Tutorial - non-editable fields

Hey there

Sorry to post such a terribly n00bish question. I’m right at the beginning of my JUCE journey, still going through the tutorials. 16 lessons in I have hit my first wall.

From the description and instructions I’m expecting the compiled result to allow text-editing of the table cells. I’ve yet to see this work though.

Has anyone else had this issue? Or am I somehow expecting the wrong thing?

Any thoughts or advice on this would be much appreciated.

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you probably need to revisit your code for the tutorial section about custom components and setting the label to be editable.

Thanks for the quick reply Matkatmusic.

Hmmm That’s exactly what I would have said. However, I’ve been over it multiple times now and am still getting the same result.

setEditable (false, true, false); line should make a label editable with double click and maintain uncommitted changes on a clickaway. It’s certainly worked that way elsewhere. It’s also already set as that in the tutorial .h file.

Has anyone here compiled this tutorial as downloaded, with no modifications, using Xcode10.1/macOS with JUCE 5.4.1?

Would love to hear if the compiled macOS executable works for you.

Many thanks!


In the tutorial code there is this line:

table.getHeader().setColumnVisible (8, false);

I’m not sure why it’s there, but column 8 is the editable column. If you remove that line then you’ll see it.

I’ll update the tutorial.

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OK, I’ve updated things but it’ll take 24 hours or so to refresh on the web.

Hi Tom

Ah, I glanced at the line but should have commented it out as a test. Thanks very much for looking at this so quickly. The support is much appreciated, as are these superb tutorials!

Btw are you the Tom from here?

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Yep, unfortunately that’s me. I’ll get that removed too!

Heh all good. I didn’t mind that actually. Was oddly comforting to know that I was following in an actual persons footsteps. :slight_smile: