[FR] Projucer: Store the original names for the Resource

Something like const char* getNamedResourceOriginalName (const char* resourceNameUTF8);

That would make it easier for an app recreate all the resource files.

I’m not sure how many other developers would need this feature that it is worth for us implementing. A workaround might be to add a zip file as a binarydata resource and then use that for all your resources. If you are worried about the compression, zip supports adding files uncompressed: in this case JUCE will simply return a direct FileInputStream to the raw data - so there should be no performance implications.


Is there any reason (other than backwards compatibility) that the namedResourceList uses the mangled name instead of the original name? If you are grabbing resources at runtime, you don’t really care what the name of the identifier is.

Hmm I can’t really think of a good reason (maybe some macros depend on the namedResourceList name and the BinaryData:: identifier being the same?!?). But changing it would break a lot of apps.

It looks like this got implemented at some point recently – thank you whoever did it.


It was Ed!

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