FR: Pull Request - Add FMA3 and FMA4 instruction detection, and improved Linux information support

PR is here:

What this covers:

  • Added FMA3 and FMA4 instruction detection.
  • Allowed getting the OS name on Linux. This will return “Ubuntu” instead of “Linux”, for example.
  • SystemStats::isOperatingSystem64Bit() wasn’t flexible enough on Linux, so I think I added a better means of checking that. Open to discuss that change.
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It’s just a detail but according to lsb-release is deprecated by os-release . At least on my Debian distro, I only have the os-release file.

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Noted! Someone else mentioned the same on my PR so I’ll make that change.

Why FMA check haven’t be added yet? Just checking. :wink: Thanks guys.

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I pretty much forgot about this whole thing because it didn’t get much attention on the forums!

Let me rebase my PR…

Yeah, this is probably sitting on Tom or Ed’s to-do list - we’ve been a bit busy lately

All good. Congrats to you and Roli for such a huge Kickstarter launch!

Any news? :-\

Thank you for the PR!

I’ve added the instruction detection part:

The Linux info component is still in our backlog.

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Thanks! Anything I can do to polish up the rest regarding the Linux related stuff so it can make it in as well?

I’m a little concerned that utsname -> machine might be something odd on some more usual platforms. Checking for *64*, *armv8b*, or *armv8l* feels a little delicate, so will need a bit of time to think this through.