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I’m using Tracktion with my IBM thinkpad (x60s) which has a 3rd mouse button that enables scrolling (up down left right). In most apps this works fine but in Tracktion nothing happens. As you can imagine having this working would make zooming around the edit screen a breeze.

I know it could take some time for changes in the JUCE code to filter through to Tracktion but non-the-less it would be worth waiting for.

I’m assuming this is JUCE related and so posting here.


Yeah, my Dell is the same, but it’s really not fixable. The driver uses some ridiculous hack where it must examine the window to find a win32 scrollbar, then control it directly. God knows why they’d choose such a dumb approach when they could just send a scroll wheel message.

I’ve read about other developers hitting the same problem, and not being to find a work-around, even by embedding secret scrollbars and suchlike.

When I posted this question on the KVR forum someone came up with this link:

Maybe the info would be of some use. I tried the fix but it was a no-go.

Yeah, I posted that link at KVR. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Thinkpad anymore, so I can’t test it out the workaround myself either, and neither my Macbook nor Dell Inspiron laptop does it.

You should probably complain to Lenovo. I doubt it’ll accomplish anything, but you never know. I should have done it myself when I was working at IBM.

I suppose what puzzles me is why it works in all other windows programs and not juce ones, makes me wonder why JUCE cant do what other windows- windows do, if you see what I mean.

I guess its complex under the hood, but it sure would be faaaaantastic if you could make it work.

It’s not just JUCE applications. It basically applies to all applications that don’t use Windows native scroll bars.

can’t juce handle it the same way as windows apps? or am I missing something really obvious here.

[i think my coding days are over] exit stage left

[quote=“mtingle”]or am I missing something really obvious here.

fraid so.

Those drivers are looking for windows scrollbars, not scrollbars that act like windows scrollbars.

This is really crappy design. MS created a sensible method for drivers to generate events that can be grabbed by all applications, in all circumstances. To ignore them, and do something that is just utterly busted like hooking apps to find scrollbars, and attempting to control them directly, is really really stupid.

I can’t begin to see the logic, as it’d completely stop applications making use of those controls for others purposes too.

JUCE could implement windows scrollbars, and just skin them in the way that, say, WindowBlinds does, but this tends not to be efficient, reliable, and it’d probably break an awful lot of JUCE apps that rely on specific JUCE scrollbar behaviours.

My guess is that when trackpads first came out, most people were running ancient software that had no concept of scrollwheels, so instead they came up with this bodge to make the old stuff work. You’d think that nowadays they’d at least make it an option to turn the bodge off and use the normal method.

OK, I think I might hassle Lenovo or someone…the quest continues…I will have my Tracktion scroll buttons!

I just tried out the workaround from the link above on my dad’s T41, and it worked on the Juce demo.