Is there support for gestures with trackpad on PC?

I had commented on an old thread, but haven’t seen any action there, possibly because the issue raised wasn’t exactly the same question, which is: is there support for gestures (mouseMagnify(), specifically) when using the trackpad on a PC laptop? The Macbook Pro laptops give me these gestures fine, but on the PC, nothing. I get scroll messages, but never pinch-to-zoom messages. Is this a limitation in the JUCE code, or do PC trackpads simply not provide the required messages to trigger those gestures, or…?

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i also had a trackpad issue lately and i haven’t even found out where juce stores the information wether or not an event comes from a trackpad or smth else at all. since no one replied to my last post anymore i assume juce doesn’t have trackpad features yet. i wonder why they prioritized pens and stuff tho. as if more people work with a pen than with a laptop

What’s confusing is that the hosts themselves seem to support these gestures in their timelines, which led me to think perhaps the hosts are “eating” the gesture. But Melodyne (for one) responds to the gestures in the same hosts, so they’re available somehow. I just can’t find any way to get them.