BR: Windows touch and gestures don't seem to work

I’m interested in getting pinch to zoom support working in my apps on Windows.

Using my Thinkpad P50, I know for a fact that the trackpad sends a pinch to zoom event because it’s detected as such in (most?) web browsers, and even MSVC detects this to change the zoom. So, I’m assuming this means I have a mouse input source that’s either touch or gesture compatible (sorry, still learning the difference and I’m not sure which is which!).

The issue is this; when debugging my apps, I don’t receive either type of Win32 event. I do see that the touch input is registered (canUseMultiTouch is true and registerTouchWindow returns true). And according to the MSDN, the window handle can be set to touch or not… By default, gestures are enabled. When touch is enabled (as per registerTouchWindow) then gestures are disabled. So I tried not calling this at all to see if I can gestures and… nope!

As I’m grasping at straws troubleshooting this, I tried sticking a call to GetMessageExtraInfo during the mouse/pointer down events and it comes up with 0.

Anybody have any ideas here?

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Bump! Same problem here on my Dell Inspiron PC laptop.

I also notice if I use touch on the JUCE standalone target 'options" menu, the menu appears far to the left of the app. (I’m on a 4k monitor, so maybe it’s related to that.

I tried modifying the win32 message handler to use WM_GESTURE (instead of the constant 0x119), just in case that was the issue. No difference. That message never arrives. I also tried adding the WM_GESTURENOTIFY case in order to turn all gestures on for the window, but we still do not get the WM_GESTURE message when pinching on the trackpad.

Has anyone implemented pinch to zoom (mouseMagnify) on Windows? If so, how??? I have had no luck trying to find why we never get that message.

I also tried commenting out the call to registerTouchWindow() which I read would prevent trackpads from issuing those Windows messages. Still no luck.

(Did the folks at JUCE simply give up on this at some point?)

Has anyone gotten this to work? It’s not an ideal situation, having a feature work on Mac but not on PC.

I have the latest juce and can not get mouseMagnify to work.
I put a break point at 0x119 as stated above and it never get here.

(Did the folks at JUCE simply give up on this at some point?)

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Is this working in JUCE 7? I haven’t heard a single word from anyone at JUCE about this missing feature.

Bump again… I don’t have any touchscreen to test it on Windows now. Does this feature work on Windows?