mouseMagnify on Mobile

mouseMagnify() is working on Mac as previously reported.

I am aware that as of April 2013 it is not implemented on iOS or Android and not tested on Windows.

In my app, I do not get callbacks on the following platforms: iOS, Android, or Windows (I have not tested on Linux - no multi-touch input device), but mouseMagnify() is working for me on Mac providing a zoom capability.

I am using JUCE v2.0.40.

Is there any update on the status of mouseMagnify() on the other platforms?


Yes, I’ve only implemented it for OSX and Windows so far, because those actually recognise the gesture for you. To do it on the mobile platforms I think I’ll need to manually recognise and interpret the gesture.


I am testing gestures on a Windows 8 multi-touch device. Unfortunately, the mouseMagnify() method doesn't seem the be called in my custom application or in the Juce demo. For example, adding a breakpoint in doGestureEvent of juce_win32_Windowing.cpp does nothing.

I read that Windows support was untested, however, you say in your previous message it is implemented. Is it supposed to work out of the box?

I am using a version of the code from july of this year (probably commit 42724dddfe2522140a288e8bd9c036d175409dc9)

I recently learned that on Windows the OS doesn't send any mouse-magnify events when the app is using touch-input. So you'd need to pick up this gesture yourself by manually monitoring multi-touch events.

looks like you can easily detect pinch zoom in ios using this

not sure how that fits into juce's model for pointing devices.

Hi, for Android the JuceAppActivity could hold a listener for detection.