FR: Support for MIDI note names

Currently JUCE does not support MIDI note names for either plugins or hosting. This is very important for drum plugins or else the user has no idea what sound each key triggers. I have implemented for VST2 plugin and host. I will look into VST3 and AU next.

I have a branch here where I am working on it, please consider merging into develop.

Whoa this is what I’m looking for! Thank’s for sharing this. I think that merging this into main JUCE framework is good, too
Can I ask you a simple idiot question?
Are there big differences between VST3 and VST2?
Is full re-implement required for use this method in VST3 environment?

Yes, big differences between VST2 and VST3, they are completely different. However, I’ve just implemented for VST3 and I think it’s working, or at least it’s working with my host and my test plugin.

If anybody knows of any plugins to test with, that would be helpful. For VST2 I’m testing with Xfer Nerve, however they don’t have a VST3 version.

I’m not seeing anything similar in AU SDK.

I found the VST3SDK has an example on how to do pitch names, and I can confirm my VST3 implementation works with this example:

Oh, oh!
I tried to build the sample PitchNames, but it seems not working in my DAW. I’m using FL Studio on Mac.
I don’t know whether FL’s not supporting VST3’s key naming method, but umm, did you tried it?

I don’t think FL Studio is supporting pitch names in VST3, but they are in VST2.

I have this working in Waveform (unreleased) building against my juce branch.

I also read the thread… Sad news for me…

I thought I can do something with vst2wrapper (the document also described it just by adding cpp and few lines of code.) But compiling has failed. there was no vst2.x folder in plugininterfaces, so I downloaded older version of vst3 sdk by searching web, but failed. I think it’s now right way.

Good work on this, I would give it a vote but I’m out of votes. I’ll give this a try soon. Thanks!

This has been on the todo list for 15 years. Any chance it’s getting near the top yet?

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I have interest in this feature though haven’t a mac at hand to be able to fully pitch in.

The first question that comes to mind; any ideas about support with other plugin formats (ie: AU, AUv3, AAX)?

Anything that I can do for the Windows side?

I looked at the AU A{I, but didn’t see anything. However, I’m not too familiar with the API. I didn’t look at AAX.

I’m not able to find anything in the AAX SDK wrt to MIDI note names.