FR: Wrangle a comprehensive set of OpenGL functions & macros

This FR requests adding a more comprehensive set of functions and macros to the existing lists in the GL wrapping logic.

A variety of loading libraries exist already (GLEW and GL3W spring to mind). The thing is, if JUCE wants to go into a path that works and looks nice with the framework, then it really should go the whole way - preferably with some tool that automatically generates the lists of funcs and macros.

Some example functions that should be included:

but OpenGL is being deprecated… so why bother adding features to a DOA spec?

What are you on about? No, it’s really not DOA by any stretch of the imagination! And it’s going to be around for another long while.

Apple did mention deprecating it, but that does not mean it’s suddenly vapourware for all platforms (you know, not Apple platforms).

Also, people won’t suddenly migrate to Vulkan, which many drivers and hardware don’t support. It’s also even more complex to wrap your head around and integrate.

OpenGL is mainstay for all systems for another long time.