Free pitch synthesiser?

I’m just wondering if someone already used the Juce’s synthesiser to play free-pitch sound, in opposite to “pitch from MIDI note”…

I’m working on a sample code demonstrating high resolution musicality and I need a synthesiser capable of playing sound with a pitch in Hz instead of note number.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


It’s trivial to generate the sound, but if you’re not using midi events to control it, you’ll need to set up some kind of alternative interface by which you can tell it what to play.

…or maybe just use pitch-bend events to get the frequency you want? Don’t know if the demo synth supports that but it’s very simple to add.

Okay, I just take a look to the juce_Sampler source code… is missed it before :oops:

Indeed, it seems quite easy to modify it in order to play sound from frequency instead of note number :wink:

I love Juce, really :slight_smile:

Edit: I mean “create a new class based on SampleVoice” of course, I’ll not “modify it” :smiley: