New juce-based plugin out there

Just thought you guys might be interested in juce-based plugins out there. I wrote an entry for the KVR DC07. It’s called hypercyclic. It would have taken me ten times as long without Juce. Hats off to Jules for making it possible!

Nice one! Let’s hope you win!

interesting ! nice that you have compiled a linux vst also ! and it’s working in JOST !! whua ! compliments :slight_smile:

as jules said, let’s hope you win !

I’m particularly impressed by the L+F you’ve done - very classy!

Very good job, It’s my favorite so far.

Indeed Juce is a very good helper to stand out from the crowd in this contest. If I had the time to enter this year, I guess I would have used Juce either.

It’s the only Linux entry so you’ll get my vote by default. :smiley:

Very pretty too.

just got back from weekend hiking trip and found all your nice comments waiting…

thanks guys!

Is it possible to get the lfo to modulate the pitch of the note played, like each step shifts up a semi-tone or greater, depending on what the level of the lfo is?

Like the look and feel :slight_smile:

hi gb,
pitch cannot be modulated freely,
but if you input a midi chord of multiple notes, you can sort of achieve a similar thing via the arp settings:

-input a “chord” of let’s say 4 successive semitones via midi
-modulate “arp mask” with an LFO
-then adjust the LFO levels such that the arp mask gets a value ranging from “1 note” to “4 notes”

Note that this does not really transpose the notes, but rather modulates which note is taken from the input chord

Just wondering :slight_smile:

congratulations mucoder… your plugin placed 2° !!!
next year you will rock the top prize… i’m sure of this !

thank you Kraken (and also thx to the rest of the Juce-crowd who voted) !

But next year it won’t be so easy coz expect some tough competition from fellow-jucers, right? Come on, I’m counting on it! :slight_smile:

I think we’ll probably join-in with noatikl in next year’s competition. :slight_smile:
VSTi/VST Module Arch MIDI Effect/DXi-MFX MIDI Effect/Audio Unit, Win/Mac
Lets hear it for Juce. :slight_smile: