About the Juce Demo

First, I want to thank Jules for his work on Juce… The last time I was there, I had seen a 1.16 version and now there is the 1.25 8)

Then, I have seen a lot of interesting features… Apparently, it is possible to make VST plug-ins and also some VST instruments ! I must look for how to do that with Juce, this platform is really the one I have tried I prefer to develop audio applications !

Now just a request… I have not seen MIDI functions in the Juce Demo… It is possible to make a MIDI demo, with the possibility to play a MIDI file ? It is something I was not able to do…

Thanks and congratulations :smiley:

Thanks! And yep, I think all the bases are covered as far as midi goes…

Yes ! :smiley: