Examples is the most delicious pie

Sorry I’m always asking for too much, and the dedication too little.

JUCE class library to the lack of comprehensive tutorials and user guide, however, JUCE-DEMO provided a wealth of rich and useful information. I heard that Jules going to rewrite JUCE-DEMO, take the liberty of request: could add some more Audio and MIDI examples? These are important feature and the characteristic of JUCE, should be more examples.

Anyway, thanks to Jules of industrious and great.

“industrious and great”! Sounds like the sort of description that would be given to a communist-era eastern-bloc leader, but thanks!

Yes, there’ll be some more audio + midi stuff in the new demo. I might also merge the plugin hosting demo into it, rather than having that as a separate app.

It’ll also be a lot easier to add new demo pages to it, so hopefully other people will be inspired to contribute some example code to it too. I think it’ll be a much better reference platform that the current (very old and creaky!) demo.

Authoritarian course of time, the victim like me was poisoning too deep. I hate communism, but simplicity and true appreciate you really difficult to suppress. .JUCE always give me surprise and joyful, in addition to text a little fuzzy. :roll:

Look forward to the new JUCE-DEMO, my mouth is watering.

Though I must say it is very nice to use the existing hosting demo as a lightweight host for testing/debugging plugins during development…

How about “Fearless Leader”. :slight_smile:

Next you’ll be featured on The Bugle podcast about your latest speech at the UN.


You can blame me for the “Fearless Leader” bit. It was kind of private[1] joke from the Tracktion/Tracktioneer days.

[1] as in, only I understand it. :slight_smile:

All hail the Glorious People’s Republic of Raw Material Software!

Damn right, people. You won’t find any of that wussy “democracy” around here!

I think you should say that at a TED conference while demonstrating coding techniques that actually work - JUCE is definitely an ‘idea worth spreading’.