Thanks Jules!


Hey bud…just wanted to let you know that I have been having a great experience with your library. I’m almost done migrating my application away from my home-brew UI over to Juce and it’s been about 3 weeks which is actually pretty spectacular all things considered. I know that so far all of my posts in the forum have been about defects or feature requests (and that will probably not stop lol) so I just wanted to balance it out with some praise so you don’t think I’m chronic complainer.


Thanks very much, glad you’ve been enjoying it, and looking forward to seeing what you’ve built!

But don’t worry about criticising - bring it on! Praise is nice, but it doesn’t help improve the product, whereas grumbling can be really useful to help me get a feel for the areas I should focus on. At the moment I’m obsessively trying to polish everthing towards being a “guru” quality codebase, so I’m particularly eager to hear of any rough edges that I might have missed, or areas where people think it could be improved.


Let me second the thanks, getting to the tail end of an application of 25K lines of C++ code using Juce.

Regarding comments: I have about three saved drafts of long posts about how to change Juce - not published mainly because, well, it works pretty well, and none of my “improvements” are overwhelmingly great.

I think I’m going to snip off each part into a short individual post… stay tuned!

  • 1!!!
    Thank you Jules for this amazing library.
    I started with it a few years ago, when the only programming language I knew was basic.
    And I mean the basic for commodore 64!
    Now I can build everything I want in c++.
    And the main application I’m working on is now more then 60k lines long!
    So, again, thank you.


+10 ! damn straight




要是有一本系统、全面、深入浅出、通俗易懂的JUCE教程就太好了。而且,最好有中文版的。 :stuck_out_tongue:






I agree with SwingCoder and I want to express my thank to Jules here, your library is amazing and spectacular. However, I don’t have extra time to learn it as my daily work is very tough, but I still persist in keeping eyes on this forum. Wish Juce library become more and more powerful in the future. :smiley: