New to Juce


I’m new to the Juce community, I have been looking at it for some time though pretty much every since I started making music with Tracktion. Anyway Jules, you have a winner here, I looked at QT, GTK, wxWidgets all kind of frameworks and in the end Juce is just so sexy. :lol:

Anyway as a new user I cannot help but notice (after reading and reading almost every thread on this forum) that there have been many many post with examples attached to them, some have the code listed in the post and others provided links to downloads. As a newbie obviously I’m trying to find all the examples and help I can get to understand Juce but it seems there are a lot of dead links buried in the pages on this forum. So sad actually because there have been some active members providing some damn good examples.

Jules, I know you prob have your hands full but have you ever considered providing some mechanism for users who are sharing examples (sometimes much needed for us peons) to actually upload the file somewhere or at minimum a way to send them to you so the don’t get lost in the vast sea of the internet. An example repository if you will, it’s a fact that sometimes members of a community will no longer be able to provide hosting spaces or may simply vanish never to be heard from again. When this happens all the wonderful code examples they were sharing just disappears with them and that is a shame.

I will put my money where my mouth is and say this I would even consider sponsoring web space or repositories so this does not happen. Just an observation.

Welcome, and thanks for that very good observation!

A few thoughts on this:

I’d happy for people who want to share some example code to create pages for it in the wiki - unfortunately, mediawiki doesn’t provide much help in terms of code repository hosting, but a few people have used github to hold their code.

And I’ve actually started a complete re-write of the juce demo, as I realised I was absolutely sick of staring at the same thing after all these years. I’m going to add a lot of new and improved demos to it, and if anyone thinks they have something that’d they’d like to share in that, I’d be interested to hear about it!

Hello, I’m on Windows XP, must I use MS Visual Studio or can I use Eclipse with another compiler ? I have MS Visual Studio 6, is it compatible with Juce ?

If you value your sanity, I’d recommend Visual c++ 2010, which is free. I don’t try to support mingw, though I know that some people have been trying to use it, and until recently I did support VC6, but it’s so old and out-of-date now that I think almost everyone has moved on, and I’m soon going to dump it (its compiler is awful, and required a lot of nasty hacks in my code to keep it happy - I’ll be glad to see the back of it).

ok thank you, I must go and fetch this Visual c++ 2010