Juce tutorials / beginners guides

Hello again,

I’ve decided that it’d be a good idea to make a beginners/tutorial site for JUCE programming. I’ve already written at least one guide on how to achieve stuff with JUCE, and thought I could do my bit to make it as easy as possible to get into the JUCE mindset for newcomers.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what they think might be good to include, or have any material they want to put in for it? The forum is an excellent place for help but any guides that appear get easily and quickly lost. Having a ‘site’ of guides should be very useful.

Let me know of any ideas you may have. I’m going to have some guides on how to get started with basic applications (the ‘Component’ model, the listener types, using multiple inheritance to easily make versatile objects, etc…), the underlying stuff (use of juce strings, arrays, files, etc…), tips on how to get handy program-enhancing things implemented (e.g. the PropertiesFile was something i didn’t know about for a long time), and advice on how to get plugins made easily.

Cool idea!

Something I’ve been wanting to do is to make a list of common “things you need to do” with short 1-paragraph answers, e.g. “how do I show a tooltip”, answer “create an instance of TooltipWindow etc.” Then when people ask stuff I could add their questions to the list. As usual though, I’ve just not had time…

yes, that’s a brilliant idea and i’ll put that in. i guess it’d be good to have a bunch of little guides for achieving specific things too (like a mini-guide covering the basics of tooltips, and examples of components with tooltip support, such as textbuttons etc… and how to make your own components use tooltips), and have an FAQ section linking to these ‘answers’.

if you already have a list of common questions that you’ve yet to make ‘real’, let me know :slight_smile: would save a bit of time in hunting them down!

Great idea. The classes are decriptively named, but there are times when one wants to do something and just can’t figure out where to begin looking in the documentation to see if it’s been covered in JUCE. A FAQ would be ideal for covering the basic “concepts” that one faces when developing applications.

When I began using JUCE, I found the demo to be very powerful: “I want to do X… here it is in the demo… let’s look at the source… cool!” I suggest that you build a “working model” of your tutorial, or just incorporate it into the demo itself. For hands-on folks, it’ll be great to find what they’re looking for by seeing it in action in JUCE and then working backward to the source.