What about a newbies forum?

Hi ya all

I’m very excited about the new discovered juce lib. Yet I find it lacks documentation and examples for a newby like me to start it. There are many classes that sound interesting yet do not reveal their exact use to me, nor do I know anything about how a juce project should be structured - meaning what it must contain etc…

Now adding more docs and some examples would greatly help and so would a forum where n00bs like me can ask stupid question without fear :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx, pat le cat :twisted:

yeah i thought the same thing when i first found it but if you look through the example code and the docs that come with it then with some experimenting you should be able to figure most of it out. for the rest, just ask here :wink:

Okay don’t say I didn’t warn ya :!:

We need like an MFC class wizard and a visual dialog/resource editor. I really would like to write these but I don’t know where to begin, also not enough free time, as with most stuff. If somebody could design the framework I’d be willing to help fill it in.

You could always have a look at NialMs (I think) open source VSTGUI builder. I think he used XML to hold all the code snippets. And VSTGUI is a lot grimmer than JUCE for GUI work!

Might have a look myself.