For the cause!

…and because my computer is in a bit of a sorry mess…

I’m about to do a reformat and reinstall. yes that’s right! I’m going to see exactly what it takes to get up and running with Juce coding so that I can continue to make it as easy as possible for new windows-based coders to get into it. I’m going to make a guide and configuration tool to make it a painless experience. I know it was a pain in the arse for me and many others trying to get it running from the beginning! Now I know what I’m doing it should be much easier.

This ‘Juce Initiative’ includes:

  • A guide for setting up Juce on a windows based PC
  • A configuration tool to get it all working wtih minimum effort
  • A comprehensive tutorial to get familiar with Juce quickly
  • A project wizard to easily create new Juce projects

I’ve already started all of these steps. In case you’d not seen (in the windows section of the board), I’ve got a project wizard made for VisualC++Express, which lets you create and customise a starting point for simple Juce applications and audio plugins. It’s not perfect yet, but it works and the base projects created will compile to an empty product right away. This will ultimately be part of the configuration tool, adding it to Visual C++ Express for you without getting you to find the right places yourself. There’s still a fair bit to do on the tutorial yet, but I think it’s already a useful introduction.

Sadly I’m unable to do any mac specific stuff for this, as I don’t own a mac. Hopefully though, with these efforts, it should become really easy for newcomers to get straight in with Juce and start building programs and plugins.

the “juce terrier” continues his onslaught!

however I personally feel that any teething trouble (and lets face it it’s not THAT bad) should be left to the newbie to struggle through like a man! (or woman)

it’s character forming!

don’t have dsound.lib? well you shouldn’t be making ruddy directsound apps then!

wizards? WIZARDS!?? This aint fucking hogworts y’know!

if this was MF-fucking-C I’d see the point.

I copy one folder with 4 files in it and I’m away! piff paff poof!

wizards indeed


well, the main point in the wizard is to stop from having to do the same stuff over and over again. the basic win32 project always defaults to MultiThreaded DLL/ Debug DLL, which you have to change yourself every time unless you edit the template. And then there’s always the same couple of files to copy over, edit and rename. I’ve done it a zillion times already :slight_smile: this way it’s just quicker :slight_smile:

i agree with you tho. character forming struggles maketh the man :slight_smile: and i’m sure i’d be a better man if i’d built all my apps in machine code with a blindfold on! :hihi: :wink:

by the way, it’s clear i’ve got a bit carried away with all this stuff, i guess i could be a bit misguided! am i wasting my time?

dunno mate. I do wonder about you sometimes! (e.g. does he ever go out?)

if some newbs come along and use your starter pack to kick start a JUCEfull fruit career then no, you defo are not wasting your time.

by the way, do you have a job lined up for after Uni?

:lol: i sometimes find myself outside, but i probably found my way there in my sleep, and that sleep probably began with me passing out on my keyboard… :wink: “not literally, that would be hideous”

no job lined up yet… fingers crossed i’ll be allowed to use juce tho! :hihi:

Virtual Computers are a wonderful testbed. :slight_smile: