VC++Express JUCE Project Wizard

Okay, this is a test, and needs a bit of attention, but it works!

It’s a project template for making a basic Juce application, using the same starting point files that i have in my tutorial.

To add it (til i make my new installer/patcher app), you must do the following:

To the following folder…
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\Express\VCProjects

TO the following folder…
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\VCWizards\AppWiz

Then when you add a new project, click the outermost tree item (top left corner, named Visual C++) and you should see an item called Juce Basic.

It should compile fine straight away, if your directories are set.

[NOTE: this was made by hacking apart the generic one that you normally start with. when i get more acquainted with how this wizard system works, i’ll make it more friendly and reliable!]

[EDIT ----- i’ve updated it a little to be a bit nicer, but in doing so have completely ripped off jules’ site graphics :shock: jules, if this is a problem let me know - i don’t want to break your rules by making it look like its something you’ve fully endorsed or created yourself, but i couldn’t help myself as it was a fun idea!]

I’ve improved it now- there is an option to create an APP or a FILTER, by choosing the tab.

Currently though, i’ve no idea how to get it to place the template files into a particular directory, or how to put them into specific filter folders in the project layout. hopefully i’ll figure that out soon to make this work properly. as it goes, in its present form i’ve had to slightly alter the filter framework source files (just altering the #include paths as they’re just sat in the one folder).

it already sets each type to the correct project settings - if you create a new project of either type, it should happily compile right away (the plugin files at the moment build the juceDemoFilter).

i’m going to put in more options on each page- by the time it’s finished you’ll be able to set the main class name and app name etc on the wizard page. Also, for the plugin project, you’ll be able to set the classnames for both filter and editor, as well as plug specifics (isSynth, uniqueId, etc).

let me know if there are any things that would be good to be in this wizard. also, let me know if it works or not for you!

and if you know anything about making VC++ wizards and JScript, let me know too! i’ve only been learning it a few hours and it’s frustrating having to track down every feature! :hihi:

Okay, i’ve got the file locations thing sorted out- now i can put them where they’re needed and put them in the right project filters. I’ve also got code customisation started too, so you can specify a few details about the project before you click create.

A quick refresher - this tool lets you generate a new and ready-configured Juce project in VisualC++, with a few customised starting point files, which will compile straight out of the box.

Currently implemented:

  • specify application name
  • specify main content Component classname


  • specify classnames for Filter and Editor
  • specify plugin name
  • specify 4 char UniqueID
  • specify whether it is a synth or an effect

[see first post for instructions! the files in the links are updated with the latest version]

[i’m working on an uber-easifying-JUCE installer, but for now you just have to put them into the right folders as described]

Things not yet addressed:

  • arrange the actual customisation controls
  • i haven’t got a clue what’s going on in the title bar…
  • i’ve not put in any error checking for the text fields, so - for now - you just have to be careful to name the ‘class’ fields sensibly (they’re also used for filenames), e.g. no spaces.
  • really brilliant base code. the template files included at the moment aren’t amazing. i want to have a better starting point for these projects, and more options. e.g., a really stripped down VST plug, or even one ready configured with MIDI-generating parameters, etc…


installed vc++E. ran your fix. I had “other” SDK so no added files.

juce compiled fine.

installed wizards.

could not access any settings as page did not fit in window!

managed to just hit create.

got user32.lib error. redirected me paffs.

got dsound.lib error, had to redirect me paffs to vc7 psdk.

compily ho!

ran and closed it.

got this…

prolly not important?

fuck knows eh?

:smiley: lol, just cutting my teeth on this javascript malarkey, and christ they’ve made a sod of an interface… who wants to try to manipulate files from within an HTML document?? it’s hard work.

not sure how it didn’t fit in the window tho, it appears fine here! gadz00ks, it’s harder than i thought!

don’t worry.

it’s OK when I take IE text size off of largest!

When I’m using the wizard and directly compile the applicationstartup.cpp without any modifications I get to following error.

JUCE! Linking to: jucelib_static_Win32_debug.lib
d:\my documents\visual studio 2005\projects\project1\project1\src\applicationstartup.cpp(55) : error C2661: ‘juce::DialogWindow::DialogWindow’ : no overloaded function takes 2 arguments
d:\my documents\visual studio 2005\projects\project1\project1\src\applicationstartup.cpp(63) : error C2065: ‘windowAppearsOnTaskbar’ : undeclared identifier

Any idea how I can solve this problem ?

In the tools/options/vc++ directories/ i’ve set the pad the my juce directory. For include, library and source. All to the root of the juce folder ( or do I have to specify them further ? ).

crumbs, i made this a long time ago. when i get some time i might update it and see what can be done to make it better (and easier to update). for now though, that’s just not something i can do.

i’ve found it easy enough to just keep a template project handy that you can copy to a new location. Then you just open that up and you have effectively the same result anyway. It’s also easier to keep up to date, because you just edit your base files and work from a copy of the new versions.

This is the project i use.

Well the problem is that with those files I still get this error :
LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file ‘jucelib_static_Win32.lib’

Even if I put the whole juce.h ( and directory’s ) in the same folder as the tutorial files.

So I thought maybe starting with the wizard would help. Any suggestions about the above problem. I found more messages like this in this forum, but none has a very clear answer.

I can’t even find that file on my system, I suppose its is made during the building process ?
Does this issue have to do with wrong path settings or something ?

oh yeah, i needed to update my project configuration for the latest juce, as the library filename has changed.
i’ll update it soon

Which version of juce should work ?
Or can I change something in one of the files myself ?