VC++ AppWizard template

Has anyone created an AppWizard for creating new Juce apps in VC Express? I find myself creating tons of little applets, and it seems like a much better solution than my copy-and-paste-the-example-project method. Unfortunately the documentation I can find about creating templates is mostly related to the CLR-based languages.

I did ages ago, and it was an absolute nightmare. I think there was a thread on it… ah! here!

It’s such a pain having to manipulate files and do things as a combination of HTML and Javascript. Very annoying! I made a minimally working system, totally ripping off the visual appearance of this very site, and had it generate generic juce projects.

Sadly my website is dead, and I’m not sure what disc the files are on. I’ll have a dig around, and see if I can get them to you. It’s far from perfect, but may serve as a good example to you at figuring out how it works. I had to really tear chunks out of the net trying to find a usable guide to this stuff, and it took me a long time! I’d have loved to have something that was doing the stuff I needed to start from instead of ripping it all out of different places.

I spent most of last night working on it, and I’ve got something working. The whole AppWizard architecture seems a complete mess, as you pointed out, but I managed to get it spitting out a modified version of the example project, which is all I really need. I’m reluctant to share it, since the wizard I made has no features whatsoever.