What do people think of the idea of turning the "Tutorials & Code Examples" section of this website into a wiki so users can contribute content (like this tutorial I wrote earlier)?

Either that or a sticky thread where people can link to tutorial threads.

As a newb I could really do / have done with more tutorials, especially in the first weeks of trying to get to grips with JUCE.

I think this is a great idea! It certainly would be a big help to newbies like me!

There used to be one some years ago and it got flushed... Not sure what the plans are for the future - but I'd wait for JUCE 4 to come around in case they have surprises in the tutorial/extra information area. :)

We've a lot of new tutorials in the pipeline! A wiki is also a cool idea but we're hoping to provide enough official content for beginners that it will hopefully not be necessary!

I think the Wiki would be great for non-tutorial items... be good for covering best practice and a few gaps in the documentation ;-)