Freelance One time project. Windows / OSX audio core plug-in

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We are looking for a developper who could create a JUCE app that can listen the Mac OSX’ applications on a case by case basis, or the output of the audio core. It is very similar to what Soundflower, Audio Hijack or Loopback are doing.
We would start with OSX then extend the work to Windows.

PM us if interested.

If you are still looking out for some help, I would be interested as this is within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on
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Hmmmmm no one here has ever dealt with the OSX Audio Core ? :slight_smile:

Soundflower is open source: could you just use that? The issue is getting a certificate to sign kernel extensions. It takes months. I’m not sure how you’d grab an individual applications output.

Windows it’s pretty easy to capture all system output:

Not sure how to do individual applications, but this SDK might help:

Hi there,
Yes we know of sound flower (deprecated), loop back, black hole, audio hijack…
But it is more elegant to have our product ship with the feature rather than telling our customers to use or purchase another app.
Alternatively we could “listen” to the currently selected system output instead of listening to one particular app like loopback does.
Anyone knows how to do that?

Hi, I bookmarked this project a while ago while looking for something similar. Maybe it can help you somehow?

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Not sure why people keep saying Soundflower is deprecated (or broken). Granted, I’ve been doing too much JUCE dev to work on a planned new version of Soundflower, but the kernel extension still works – surprisingly apple hasn’t killed it! I have written a few custom versions for companies over the years. I’d be happy to discuss if you would like.


Yes pls.
Are you able to copy / listen to the current audio output of the operating system?
Goal is to analyze the send on a standalone meter app, without having to actually run audio through it. (win and mac)