Fu screen error

when i use juce on ios,I can't set app full screen,when i use juce::Rectangle<int> area = Desktop::getInstance().getDisplays().getMainDisplay().userArea;

the heigh is not screen height.

what's wrong with it?

userArea is the area not including the status bar?

But don't set the size yourself - the best way to make a window fullscreen is to use ResizableWindow::setFullScreen, because that'll keep it full-screen when the resolution changes.

there are a black area at top and bottom, I debug the code, in IOS,  area's width is always 320 and height is 640


I think there's a plist setting that you have to use to tell it that your app can use the whole screen. Can't remember what the setting is, but hopefully someone else will let us know..

I check all the plist options,there are no fullscreen set......

at ipad,it's right,but at iphone there are large black arean o top and bottom