setFullScreen (true) does not work on iPhone 6

In the JUCE demo, I am just left with a black screen when running on the iPhone 6. I can get some display when I set  centreWithSize (640/2, 1136/2), but it does not fill the complete vertical space. 


Any ideas?

iphone 6 resolution is 1334 x 750

Yes, but  things are still odd.

1) The app scales widthways properly when using 640/2 as the width, but I cannot see the full height. 

2) If I use 750/2 as the width, the app is rendered too wide. Using 1334/2 as the hight still chops the top and bottom off, like looking at a 320x480 only app.

2) Nothing happens when setting full screen mode.

PS - this can be reproduced in the simulator

related to this maybe ?

Ok. I kinda got it to work doing something very wierd! In XCode, under the Target Application General tab, if you migrate the launch images to an asset catalog, the whole app renders full screen. Voodoo.