Full featured JUCE 1.41 Help in HTML format

Hi everybody!

I converted the JUCE 1.41 Help CHM help file into full featured HTML format. It supports indexing and searching locally using JavaScript. It works on all modern web browsers (tested on Firefox, IE7, Opera).

I’ve done this using ‘chm2web Pro v.2.7(beta 172)’ application that can be found at the following address: http://chm2web.aklabs.com/

The JUCE HTML help can be easily viewed on any platform (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows) that can run a modern web browser.

You can download the JUCE 1.41 HTML help from the following address:
http://arlen.pisem.net/juce-1.41-help.7z (1.4 Mb in size)

It’s compressed using 7-zip file archiver that can be obtained here:
(7-zip uses the most advanced compression algorithm today, it’s free and supports multiple platforms)

Ah just the job :smiley:

I’ve been struggling with GnoCHM up until now, which isn’t really up to the job. Plus my net wasn’t really responsive enough to use the on-line version.