Function for get frequency of .wav?

I have one .wav file ( snare sound ) and i want to get frequency of it .

Are there function to get frequency of .wav file ?

What do you mean by "frequency" in this case? Sample rate of the file? A dominant frequency in the spectrum of the sound? (Snares don't really have pitches that could be reliably detected in most cases, I would predict.)

i mean dominant frequency  :D

I don't think there's anything in Juce to specifically do this. Juce recently did get an FFT class that can transform PCM signals to the spectral domain, but you need to figure out yourself how to interpret that data. (To for example get the strongest spectral components. This necessarily isn't as easy as just searching the FFT bins for the largest numbers...FFT based processing is a big can of worms.)

If you are talking about pitch detection, thats a big topic! 

I've had success using the Aubio ( library for realtime pitch detection in my app, there are also classes in the dRowAudio module ( designed for offline pitch detection. 



this is what i want ! big thanks :D !