Looking for frequency-domain wizard!

Greetings from Soundemote! We are in need of a programmer who is willing to help with some tasks to boost the productivity and further the technology of sample libraries.

I am in need of the following functions that could be integrated in other software (C++ based):
-Transient Detection: With a combination of frequency and time domain analysis, detect the onset of the sound of a plucked instrument
-Noise detection: Detect when a signal lacks tonal content (when the signal is mostly random) in frequency or time domain
-Harmonic detection: Be able to detect the location of harmonics in the frequency domain for the purpose of extracting those harmonics.
-Tonal/Atonal separation: Like iZotope RX deconstruct: separate tonal and atonal content
-Pitch/Frequency separation: In a piece of audio with two pitches (monophonic/legato sample), separate them into two pieces of audio so that said pitches can be manipulated individually (avoid the ringing/resonance/reverb of the first pitch when manipulating the second pitch); will heavily rely on harmonic detection.
-Denoiser: Simple denoiser, we can discuss how this should function, but it will be based on the above functions.
-Wavelet Transform: Would be awesome if you knew something about wavelet transform, I know very little about it, but I feel like it could be useful. I am interested in how it can give more detailed frequency analysis at low frequency and less detail at high frequency… or something?

All functions are needed individually and in combination for various applications. All functions only need to exist in C++; you will work with my team of programmers to integrate it into various software that we have currently in production. The problem is that my programmers lack experience in frequency domain functions and are also busy working on GUI and other DSP.

If interested, please contact me at soundemote@gmail.com. You will be paid on a per-job basis and on your terms, but note that the work will not be regular.

Please help! :cry: