Future availability of old JUCE versions? (For rebuilding old projects)

I’ll probably be done most of my JUCE work in the next 3 months. I did my building in JUCE 5.4.1 and everything works well in that.

I’m wondering if in 5 years I need to rebuild my projects or make a small change, let’s say we’re on JUCE 8 or whatever by then and a lot of functions have changed - will I still be able to download and implement JUCE 5.4.1 then?

Are these versions all stored somewhere or once they’re gone they’re gone and I should be responsible to backup the version of JUCE I’m using myself?


You can clone the JUCE repo and checkout a tag going back to v1.51. It is possible that GitHub or ROLI goes out of business and deletes the repo, so it’s probably smart to have a backup of all your dependencies, no matter how small the chance you’ll need them is.