Single product license from 2014. What version of JUCE can I use?

Hi Folks

Feeling like Rip Van Winkle here, dusting off a project I should have updated years ago and now feeling totally overwhelmed! Not sure if I’m ready to use JUCE 5 yet, first I just want to get everything building and maybe release a maintenance update first before I decide whether I want to invest in continuing to develop this product.

What version of JUCE am I allowed to release from if I have a single product license from 2014? I think that would have been JUCE 3 at the time? Can I build from v4 since that’s the oldest I’m seeing on the site?


Technically all versions are available via github. Click on branch and switch to tags, there all release points are listed. This link e.g. gets you to 3.2.0:

Legally that is one for the JCUE team…

great, thanks Daniel. maybe i’ll start from 3.2 and go from there.

2013 would be JUCE 3, so you can use any tagged version up to 4.0. Using 3.2 is the most sensible choice.