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So develop has moved to 5.0.0 which I can’t use currently until I get a 5 license sorted… so, does the 4.3.1 branch now contain everything that develop did until develop became 5.0.0?


Take a look at the README file in the develop branch. If you use something from develop of the last few weeks you need to get a JUCE 5 license, the JUCE 4 license doesn’t cover it I’m afraid.

Hi, thx. I’m happy to do that, I just pulled down develop and rebuilt projucer but can’t use it as it says it can’t find a valid license. So until that’s sorted, I just want to go back to the source I was working on before pulling down 5. So I checkout out 4.3.1 but was wondering whether that’s 4.3.1 stable or now contains everything that I was using on develop? I just ideally want to undo that last pull I did which bought down 5.0.0 develop…

Hopefully they’ll sort my 5 license out soon, but as I have to send a mail of to sales and then someone has to manually action it, not sure when that will be…


Why not use JUCE and the Projucer under the terms of the GPLv3 while you’re waiting? Simply change the JUCER_ENABLE_GPL_MODE precompiler variable in Projucer’s AppConfig.h.

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ah, thanks Tom…