Gcc ignoring #pragma align

I activated the -Wall switch on my project, and gcc issue these warning:

…/libs/juce/juce.h:55: warning: ignoring #pragma align
…/libs/juce/juce.h:75: warning: ignoring #pragma align

on #pragma align=natural and align=reset

Is this a problem?
I’m using Xcode 2.3

wouldn’t have thought it’s too big a problem. Might even be worth just removing. I didn’t realise xcode 2.3 was out yet - I’ll download it and have a go…

Just a bump to say that the align = natural and align=reset pragmas are still present in the mac build of juce.h, and still generate a warning from gcc.

This is under juce 1.45, using Xcode 3

I can’t find any information about why these pragmas are ignored now, however.

those warnings seem to be still there. any reason for that?

Very good question… I added it so long ago that I’ve no idea why it’s there, and when I tried googling for the pragma, all I found were references to its use in juce.h! I think I’ll get rid of it!