Generating Dashed Stroke Combinations

Is it possible to create different Stroke Combinations for the same Stroke Values.
Like the dash start may go front or back.

Not exactly sure what you mean…?

I have path , consider Straight Line.
I say PathStrokeType::createDashedStroke() with some dashlengths.
i will get a DashedStroke , but if i want to change the FirstDash StartPosition to the left or right. How would i do it?
Say, If my first Dash is exactly starting at the first pixel of the left and the length of Dash is 10, I want the fifth pixel of Dash to be at the first pixel from Left or i want 5 pixels gap and then the first dash should start.

There’s nothing in there to let you adjust that directly, though I suppose you could just start drawing in a different position. Or create a set of stroke lengths that begin at a different offset…