GenericAudioProcessorEditor issue : jumping sliders for parameters displaying enumerated lists

I've noticed that the GenericAudioProcessorEditor, as used by many plug-in hosts based on JUCE's demo host has some issues with vst parameters that are linked to enumerated lists. The slider jumps around as you are dragging it. This can be seen with all plug-ins built with IPlug, as well as other plugins, for example the U-he plugins.

I've fixed it by blocking calls to slider.setValue from ProcessorParameterPropertyComp::refresh() while the slider is being dragged. I did this by creating a method ParamSlider::setValueEx(float value)

    void setValueEx(float value)
      if (getThumbBeingDragged() == -1) 
        setValue(value, dontSendNotification);

which is called from ProcessorParameterPropertyComp::refresh() instead of setValue()

not sure if this is the best approach to fixing it, but it seems to be working.


ps this is with the TIP (mac & win) and it doesn't affect audiounits, just vst2


Ok, thanks! Will take a look..