Hi, do we have any support for gestures in iOS?

I can’t see anything obvious, but just wanted to check before I started writing my own…


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Hi, I’m interested in this too. Which gestures are you after? I see pinch-to-zoom and drag-to-scroll. Is that all?

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Hi - swipe is the main one I’m after currently.

What do you want to swipe? Do you want to move some components around directly, swipe a page containing text, or swipe pages containing GUI elements?

For the first I guess you must roll your own and the second is already supported (viewports can be swiped and dragged). It’s the last case which is quite tricky.

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Hi - just component swiping at the moment, left/right - so yeah, not dragging a viewport around.

Guess not that hard to implement, but just don’t want to re-invent the wheel. Would expect this kind of “low-level” functionality to be provided for phones/tablets really.