Get the classID of the IAudioProcessor implementation for a hosted VST3 plugin

Is there a way to get the underlying IAudioProcessor implementation’s class ID from a hosted VST3 plugin? Below was my first attempt, but this seems to return the base IAudioProcessor class ID, which is the same for every plugin.

NOTE: I am NOT looking for the VST3 Controller ID.

auto funknown = static_cast<Steinberg::FUnknown *>(jucePlugin->getPlatformSpecificData());
Steinberg::Vst::IComponent *vstcomponent = nullptr;
Steinberg::Vst::IAudioProcessor *vstprocessor = nullptr;

if (funknown->queryInterface(Steinberg::Vst::IAudioProcessor_iid, (void **)&vstprocessor) == Steinberg::kResultOk && vstprocessor != nullptr)
        char strUID[33] = {0};

Thanks a lot for any insight!