getLocalMachineIDs questions

Sorry for maybe a silly question. But I’m little bit confused with getLocalMachineIDs method.
I work on MAC and do the next steps to find my Machine Id,

  1. Go to System Preferences > Network and select your active network interface (e.g., Ethernet)
  2. From the list on the left. Click on ‘Advanced…’, then on ‘Hardware’.
  3. The Machine ID is listed under “ MAC Address”.

But I see there something completely different from getLocalMachineIDs return value.

What I’m doing wrong or what I’m not understanding?


The code is using SystemStats::getDeviceIdentifiers which only uses the MAC address if it can’t get a file identifier to use.

Further more it does some extra mangling in getEncodedIDString, so even if the MAC address was being used, you wouldn’t see it directly.

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Thank you! Now it’s clear.