getUniqueMachineID creates different ID for Windows

Previously I had the same issue but after JUCE 7 it was fixed. Now it is happening again. I am using OnlineUnlockStatus::MachineIDUtilities::getUniqueMachineID() to create an ID. On MAC it always creates the same ID but on Windows, it changes. For example one day it returns W243DJ6K7 the other day it returns W4R5T5G5Y. It doesn’t happen very often but e every two or three days it returns a different ID. Do you have any suggestions for me?

I tested it on Windows 10 machines. More than one machine. My JUCE version is 7.0.3 and also tested with 7.0.5

My code simply calls the method and prints it to the console.

   DBG("Machine ID : "<<OnlineUnlockStatus::MachineIDUtilities::getUniqueMachineID());

The first day it returns;

Output: Machine ID: W4R5T5G5Y. 

After a few days, It returns;

Output: Machine ID: W243DJ6K7.

This is already discussed here I think getUniqueMachineID() is sometimes not unique - #13 by oli1

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Thank you very much. I didn’t know that. It is good that they noticed it. But still there is nothing pushed I guess :confused: