getUniqueMachineID() is sometimes not unique

Hi, JUCE developers.

Since v7.0.3, JUCE Added a unique machine ID.
The function is OnlineUnlockStatus::MachineIDUtilities::getUniqueMachineID().

However, in some Windows environments, the return value of this function changes after every restart.
I found in my investigation that the SMBIOS information used by Windows to generate Unique IDs changes on every reboot, so that different IDs are generated for the same machine.

It is not unique at all that the ID changes every time it is restarted, please fix this.

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Could you provide some more details on the Windows environments you’re seeing this behaviour on?

I sent you customer environment data via DM. Please check.

Hello, got the same issue for some customers (Windows 10 pro), have you found what are the condition of unstable UID ? (mother board ?)

got same problem here :frowning: investigating but def not stable id

Here’s a previous discussion about the latest implementation of uniqueID:

Sorry. There is a fix on the way for this issue.


thx - i’m guessing this is not going to change IDs that are currently being generated outside of this fix?

Any news on a possible fix for this?

any estimated date regarding that fix?