Git Ignore auto generate in projucer

Just a thought but it would be particularly handy if just projucer copied the boiler plate .gitignore files for .vs and xcode. Maybe an option to include


it’s easy enough to make a .gitignore that simply says:


that would be a handy addition to ProJucer tho. but maybe not everyone uses git for their source control management system? It seems beyond the scope of ProJucer’s intended function… If this were added, people would want “add your remote repo URL and credentials” text fields in ProJucer…

Anyone serious about development should be using version control and Git is 10x more popular than mercurial. It wouldn’t harm if not using GIT and just handier than going into another GUI or command line to put in.

Are you saying you want the PJ to create a .gitignore file for you in your repo?
Or that you want the juce/modules/extras/Projucer/ vs and xcode files to be ignored in the JUCE repo?

As long as you want remove my .gitignore I don’t care.
here we have pretty a very common flow so I usually get our default gitignore that might not be suitable for every flow.

Suggestion: In the folders generated by the Projucer (JuceLibraryCode and Builds) create .gitignore files within them which makes git ignore these folders including the generated .gitignore files themselves. This won’t touch your own .gitignore files while ignoring the generated files. Btw this is what tup does (as an option)