I'm making an audio plugin that uses OpenGl 3.3 , so i had to include <GL\glew.h> . The thing with it is that you have to include it before any OpenGL headers. My problem is that JUCE's opengl module uses gl.h, so i had to include glew before that, but this way, it messed up a JUCE header, modules\juce_opengl\native\juce_MissingGLDefinitions.h. The problem is that from line 82, these values are -in fact - defined. I had to comment them out to make it compile. These should be guarded with #ifdefs. Or am I doing something wrong?

    GL_OPERAND0_RGB                 = 0x8590,
    GL_OPERAND1_RGB                 = 0x8591,
    GL_OPERAND0_ALPHA               = 0x8598,
    GL_OPERAND1_ALPHA               = 0x8599,
    GL_SRC0_RGB                     = 0x8580,
    GL_SRC1_RGB                     = 0x8581,
    GL_SRC0_ALPHA                   = 0x8588,
    GL_SRC1_ALPHA                   = 0x8589,
    GL_TEXTURE0                     = 0x84C0,
    GL_TEXTURE1                     = 0x84C1,
    GL_TEXTURE2                     = 0x84C2,
    GL_COMBINE                      = 0x8570,
    GL_COMBINE_RGB                  = 0x8571,
    GL_COMBINE_ALPHA                = 0x8572,
    GL_PREVIOUS                     = 0x8578,
    GL_COMPILE_STATUS               = 0x8B81,
    GL_LINK_STATUS                  = 0x8B82,
    GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER              = 0x8B30,

    GL_VERTEX_SHADER                = 0x8B31,
    GL_ARRAY_BUFFER                 = 0x8892,
    GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER         = 0x8893,
    GL_STATIC_DRAW                  = 0x88E4,
    GL_DYNAMIC_DRAW                 = 0x88E8,
    GL_STREAM_DRAW                  = 0x88E0,
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Thanks - I don't have glew here to try, but I've added a check that should avoid that if you want to try again now..

Thank you for reacting so quickly. It works for me now!

Why would you use GLEW? For OpenGL Level 3.0?  What is that? Where is that?  Are you making any type of 

OpenGL Knobs or Sliders ?