This has to be a daft question given that no-one has asked it before, but is there a reason why drawRectangle() doesn’t have a float overload?

fillRect() and most other draw methods will take co-ords in both int and float, but drawRect only takes ints, which seems a little inconsistent, at best. :?

no, there’s no reason, I guess I’ve just never needed it before! It’s easy to add, I’ll throw it in next time I’m passing.

Hey Jules,

Mind adding this overloaded convenience method to drawRect() as well? It adds using a Rectangle instead of just the Rectangle.

void Graphics::drawRect (const Rectangle<float>& r, const float lineThickness) const
    drawRect (r.getX(), r.getY(), r.getWidth(), r.getHeight(), lineThickness);

Yep, will add that. Thanks!