Graphics not displaying correctly

I'm having an issue where my application's graphics are completely messed up on a particular user's computer. I've tried re-building and installing the application multiple times and I've checked and made sure that the graphics that should be being loaded are in the application folder. When I run the same app on any other computer it loads and displays correctly. Any guesses as to what could be causing this? Has anyone seen something similar? The user is running on Mavericks on a macbook pro circa 2012, so it doesn't seem like it's related to an odd hardware/OS setup.


I got similar issue under Windows, due to the display scaling set to >100% in order to make things appear bigger on high resolution screens. 

But I don't know if this is possible under MacOSX...

On a PC, I'd suggest they check their display mode (how many colours/what resolution they using - and replicate on your machine JIC), if that doesn't help, get them to check their display drivers are up-to-date (check the PC/Display card manufacturer's website for updates - (Other tools, such as IOBit's driver booster *can* help, but they're not perfect)