GUI component background colour changed by Projucer

I am opening standard GUI Components generated by Projucer under a set of Tabs, and of course I need to set each tab colour to the background colour of the GUI Component. The metadata for this looks like

<BACKGROUND backgroundColour="ff323e44"/>

When I open the GUI Component in Projucer, it immediately overwrites the background colour, perhaps to splashScreenColour=“Dark” (the only mention of colour in my .jucer file). As a result, I have to always remember to overwrite the colour under “Graphics” again whenever I have to edit a GUI Component.

I was having the same problem - this has been fixed on develop, but probably not moved to master.

Yes this issue is fixed on the develop branch with these commits 1 2 that will make their way onto master in the next release, which should be fairly soon.

Great, thanks for the fast response!

  • Julius